Imagine If We Saw the Sparks?

This week a photo shoot in Prospect Park, Brooklyn. An interplay of lights…
Coming SoonImagine:How would the world look if we could seethe Divine sparks that animate every physical creation?
More on the light and the sparks inside!______Behind the photo: Understanding the relationship between ambient and artificial light is paramount in producing dramatic and captivating photos.Below is a visual summary that outlines how I produced the final photo.With half an hour before sunset I raced down to our local park for a photo shoot. This is what my eye (and camera!) were able to perceive.OriginalThe scene visible to the human eye. Half an hour before sunset.
My mind’s eye, on the other hand, perceived an image completely different. To achieve this image I adjusted the way the camera looked at the world so less light would enter the lens.Then to create saturated (red) […]

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The Ten Utterances

Look what happened this week at Oneinfocus HQ’s.
Just bought 7 bottles of seltzer for a photo shoot! 9:26 PM May 10th via web
Michoel Ogince @Twabbi on Twitter
______Seltzer, a stash of pencils, a wireless flash and of course – the camera!The result:
The Ten UtterancesG-d created the world with ten utterances.Through each utterance, His life force is continuously infused into creation.If the life force were to depart for an instant,the world would revert to absolute nothingness.
Behind the photo:The photos below take you through the photo shoot.The Ten Utterances - setup shot.Setup shot. Taken with a pocket Canon camera.

The pencils were strapped together with tape.
Additional tape adhered them to the ceramic bowl.

The Ten Utterances - setup shot.Setup shot – taken with SLR camera.

Wireless flash with a diffusion cap – the cap softens the light. […]

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