The Blaze Within

An iPhone photo from the streets of Brooklyn…
The Drive WithinThe complete tzaddik has destroyed the physical drive within him.Others must strive to direct it towards a higher purpose,setting the earthly materials ablaze with a G-dly fire.
Shabbat Shalom!Michoel, Sarah and The Oneinfocus Team

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A Thirst Quencher

The Brooklyn Museum:
A Thirst QuencherDrink from His fountain of wisdom,for one’s service of the heart is commensuratewith his understanding of His greatness.
After the break: a short video from the scene…______A Sunday afternoon stroll to the Brooklyn Musuem with my daughter. For half an hour she watched the water fountain with a curious and joyful expression while I tried to “catch” the water in midair with my camera. Below is a short video clip from the scene with Tsirel in the foreground… 
Tsirel hangs ten while I attempt to “freeze” water.iPhone Video. 
This week’s caption is derived from the Tanya – towards the end of Likutei Amarim (the first section) where the Alter Rebbe explains that love and fear of G-d are generated by knowledge of Torah and commensurate with the knowledge and understanding of His greatness.Wishing you a peaceful Shabbos, Michoel, Sarah and The Oneinfocus Team.

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Satiate Your Soul

Breakfast with Oneinfocus. Cereal, two strobes and a camera.
Satiate Your SoulKnowledge of Torah is food for your soul.It’s a fusion of G-d’s wisdom with your intellect,so powerful that His light permeates every fiber of your being.
Get a taste of the entire smorgasbord inside!______Meet our friend Yisrael. Next week he is turning 3 and celebrating his upsherin.Last week we had breakfast. On the menu was cereal, with battery powered infrared strobes, and an umbrella!
Strobe on FloorThe first strobe (flash) positioned on the floor.Aimed at the back wall – set to medium power.
Westcott 42Second strobe fired into a reflective umbrella. Positioned front-left of subject to form shadows on his right side.Set to high power.
1 StrobeTesting the floor strobe only.This created a silhouette.
Satiate Your SoulEnd result.
Behind the caption:The […]

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Rung On The Ladder

Team Oneinfocus goes underground for this one.
Rung On The LadderIt’s not which rung you are on.It’s the direction you are heading.
More photos from ‘the underground’ and behind the caption inside!______Behind the photo:This week in an atypical move, the caption came first and then the photograph. We were granted access to ‘the underground’ in the suburbs of NYC for a photo shoot. I had visited the location previously and thereafter mentally drafted the entire photo shoot.First came the caption, then I pictured a room with a ladder and shoes, the location of the strobes, the color of the light, where the light was going to land and even the camera settings.Photos from the shoot below:
Rung On The Ladder - Setup 1The ‘underground.’Camera at auto settings.
Rung On The Ladder - Setup 3Wireless flash on a light stand.Located […]

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The Heart of Torah

I am still home bound helping with our precious newborn. As a result, for this week’s Shabbos email: a photo shoot at Oneinfocus HQ that really did involve playing with light!
The Heart of TorahWhen one finds joy in the light of the soul,a passageway opens to fulfill the heart of the Torah – infinite love for one’s fellow Jew.
Wondering how I did this? A semi complicated set-up that involved the use of red cellophane paper.The Heart of Torah - Camera and Strobist SetupStrobist SetupWe had a lot fun setting this up!

Nikon Flash on a Bogen light stand.
I covered the flash head with red cellophane paper (see below).
Set the flash to 105mm to create a narrow beam of light.
A halogen desk lamp to light the outside of the heart shape.
Attached to the lamp is a homemade ‘snoot.’ I […]

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Releasing the Sparks

This week’s Meaningful Monday is brought to you by Yaakova Babinet of Brooklyn, NY. The photo is of her husband, David at Wildwood State Park in Long Island. David is blowing over hot coals on a BBQ. Thank you Yaakova and David!
Release The Sparks of HolinessWhen you spiritualize the material and materialize the spiritual,sparks of holiness are released from their confinement,illuminating the world around you.The inspirational caption:Our souls came down into this world to create a dwelling place for G-d. This is achieved by:

Spiritualizing the material: utilizing every physical object for spiritual purposes, such as lighting Shabbos candles and
Materializing the spiritual: implementing spiritual concepts into actuality such as remembering to guard the holy Shabbos by lighting Shabbos candles.

Chassidus points out that every physical object has holy sparks trapped in its inner core. Doing a mitzvah with the object releases those sparks and illuminates both […]

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