Can You See The Letters?

We are about to jump on a plane so this post will be few words and more photos!Suburban Maryland:
Coming soonGrowth is not from the seed.Within the seed is the ability to arouse His power of growth.Similarly the performance of a mitzvah elicits His essence,drawing down blessings of spiritual and material growth.
More photos and the ‘3 letters’ inside!______More photos from this week’s shoot – suburbia Maryland in the Fall.WideWide angle view.
CloseSunset on the flora.
iPhone photoSun piercing through the trees.iPhone photo.
TreesFall colors.Behind the caption:Like the seed, within the object of a mitzvah, such as Shabbat candles is a G-d given ability to arouse His essence. This in turn draws down blessings below!Can you see the 3 letters in the photo?




I spent hours trying to think of a […]

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