Shooting bubbles – timing is everything!
BubbliciousMan’s greatest gift is the abilityto take hold of his thought, speech and action andplace them in the realm of holiness.
After the jump: Behind the caption and a photo from snowpocalypse…______Behind the photo:One person blew bubbles and seconds later tried to catch them! To the left of the photo was a wireless flash in a softbox. As for the photographer: timing was everything! The photo shoot was complete at photo number 34!This week in NYC:Snowpocalypse! and below is a photo to prove it:Brooklyn blizzard - awesome #iPhonephotoI took this photo in the early morning with my iPhone. It was post processed using HDR (high dynamic range) software on the phone. HDR is a composite of multiple (and identical) images at different exposures.Behind the caption:The caption is derived from the Tanya, section Igeret Hakodesh. The Alter […]

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