The Angel of Rain

The iPhone camera strikes again!
The Angel of RainAf Bri is the angel of rainwho gathers the clouds and makes them fall.Water to adorn the earth,O’ shield the faithful who pray for rain…(Adapted from the prayer for rain)
Two more photos after the break…______This week’s photo was taken in Midtown Manhattan. Below is the original photo: Original PhotoOriginal iPhone photo.I was careful to ‘frame’ the contents with the two trees.
Black and WhiteBlack and white. The photo was post processed using HDR (high dynamic range) software on the phone. HDR is a composite of multiple (and identical) images at different exposures. I created two HDR photos – one in black and white and the other with a rusty filter.Which photo is your favorite?Wishing you an angelic Shabbat experience!Michoel, Sarah and The Oneinfocus Team.

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A Response

Every week people from all over the world write to me about photography, life and Torah. I get the most beautiful and touching responses. There is one person who responds weekly, writing what he sees in the photograph. His words are extremely deep and make me further delve into my own photos and their connection to the Almighty. I have posted his response to lasts weeks email, ‘My Prayer‘ below:“Can the heavens only be understood as His? Sheer nothingness. Streaks of empty space on a canvas of time, clouds of rain and complete sustenance.Land was given to us. To live on, get buried in. Serve as a platform for growth or showcase for wasted time.The view is that of time and space. Caught at the right moment, it can reveal the complex axioms of the world. Water is without end.Individually and collectively all that is, is at our finger tips […]

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A Link in The Chain

With gratitude to Hashem we are happy to announce the birth of our daughter, Tsirel Leah Ogince. Tsirel was born last Friday morning in Manhatten, NY.This week’s photo was taken at Oneinfocus HQ’s. You’re looking at the hands of Tsirel Leah and her bubby.A Link In The Chain“And these words which I command you today, shall be upon your heartand you shall teach them thoroughly to your children.” (The Shema Prayer)Wondering how this was taken?

Tsirel was sleeping on Sarah’s shoulder.
I placed a piece of black cardboard between Sarah’s arm/shoulder and Tsirel.
Bubby sat next to and slightly behind Tsirel.
To the camera’s left hand side – a flash in a softbox.
The camera – on a tripod.
Then I took about 20 shots to knuckle down the correct exposure and illumination.
That’s it!

On a different note: Oneinfocus will be exhibiting at the International Conference of Chabad Emissaries this Sunday […]

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