From Where Will My Bread Come?

Spring has sprung!
This photo of a robin’s nest was taken at the Chabad House at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. Dovid snapped this photo just as the mother bird was returning with food for her young. This wasn’t the only bird’s nest we saw in recent weeks. Cornell is also lucky enough to be home to a red-tailed hawk that has made her nest on the cliff of one of the gorges. It was truly a phenomenal thing to see.
From Where Will My Bread Come?Young birds wait open-mouthed,knowing fully that their nourishment will come only from their parents. Though we must work to earn our bread,we cannot forget that the source of all blessing is our Ultimate Parent.More after the jump!
This week’s caption is connected with the Torah portion for the following week, Shelach, which we will read this Shabbat […]

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