Zohar – Immense Light

In honor of Lag BaOmer!TweetZohar - Immense LightRabbi Shimon bar Yochai authored the Zohar,the mystical interpretations of the Torah.On Lag BaOmer, the anniversary of his passing, we light bonfires to celebrate the immense light that he brought into the world. Rabbi Shimon instructed: “Mark the date as the day of my joy.”
Inside: the production shot…______This Sunday is Lag BaOmer and we did a shoot at Oneinfocus HQ’s to share it’s meaning. Below is the production photo:Production PhotoProduction photo.Wireless strobe bounced off a beige sheet.Post Production:Look at the production photo. Can you see the creases in the backdrop? A hearty shout out to my coworker and creative wiz at Big Fuel – Todd Lynch for removing them in photoshop!Want more? Be sure to check out our Lag BaOmer shots from 2010 and 2009.Wishing you a Good Shabbos and a joyous […]

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