Tuned In

Taken at the Brooklyn Jewish Music Cafe…
The photo was snapped by Dovid and the caption composed by Michoel.
Tuned InThere are two souls that sing,one to the heavens and the other to earth.When we are tuned into G-dliness they sing in unison – giving to life clarity, purpose and peace.
Wishing you a peaceful Shabbos, Michoel, Dovid, Sarah and Miri.

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G-d Bless You

Sneezing, Shooting and Lighting!
AngelicConfined to a material body,man’s soul requires an “arousal from above.”This kindles “an arousal from below”an initiative, on our part, to rise above earthly limitationsand strive towards G-d.
Strobist info (and tissues) after the break….Cold weather and indoor family time forced me to think outside the box, actually – inside the box!
Production images below demonstrate my ‘two-strobe setup’:Production Photo 4Wireless strobe #1 inside an empty tissue box.
Production Photo 3Test firing: exposure, wireless transmission and light quantity.
Production Photo 2 - SnootWireless strobe #2 – snooted to concentrate light on the tissue box.
Production Photo 1Firing strobe #1 and #2.Testing strobe #2 light direction.On the Caption: The caption is based on multiple biblical verses and chassidic discourses. There is a well-known saying from the Talmud, “Open […]

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Kabbalah: Vessels and Light

Captured! The union of photographic and mystical light…
LechaimDivine light descends into vessels; this is how G-d gives existence to the world.The vessels conceal the light; this is how the world conceals His existence.Positive actions draw down an even loftier light; this is how His essence is revealed.
After the jump – how I produced this one…______Producing this photo was no easy task. Light, colors and reflections were controlled in every way possible.In simple terms the technique is outlined below:

Background = black cardboard
Base = velvet material
Two wireless flashes. One into a reflective umbrella and the second under the table!
Max shutter speed with a closed down aperture.

SetupSetup photo.
Floor FlashUnder the table and reflecting off the wall – a wireless flash.The flash head was covered with 1/4 orange gel.Look at the original photo, can you see the orange […]

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A Recipe For Physical Blessings

I pleaded with a resistant security guard to get this week’s Shabbos photo!
A Recipe For Physical BlessingsPhysical existence is created by the descent of His lightthrough chambers in the worlds Above.
Divine service purifies the chambers,yielding revealed physical blessings.
See inside how I managed to get this one!______Behind the photo:This week I was in Manhattan attending an event. After the event, I walked to the train station and noticed the foyer of an office building lit up in bright blue and red lights. “Perfect,” I said to myself and walked up to the building.Then I noticed a well-built security guard standing at the entrance. “Oh no, how am I going to get through this one?,” I thought.I pleaded with him for about 5 minutes to let me in. The answer was a clear ‘no.’Lens hood So this is what I did: […]

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Beyond The Tallit

This week at Oneinfocus HQ’s: Blue strobes and a Tallit!
Beyond The TallitHe is the Tallit, surrounding the body, beyond our grasp.Extending from above to below, He is also the Tzitzit,the aspect of G-d we can experience.
Two lights, blue gel and behind the caption inside…______Behind the photo: I spent hours working on this week’s photo. A two light set-up and an overwhelming number of factors that affected the final frame.To name a few: The light output and angle from the two strobes, creating a balanced blue tone, setting the correct exposure and adjusting the Tallit with pins and tape.Below are two photos from the set-up: Strobe 1 and 2. SB900Strobe 1.Positioned to the left of the frame on a light stand.Two blue gels taped over the flash head.
SB800Strobe 2.Positioned on the floor – under the Tallit.One […]

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Life Is A Game

You are two souls. One G-dly, one earthly. They both want to win. It’s a game. Albeit – the most serious.
Life Is A GameLife is a game.Through divine service in Torah, mitzvot and prayer,man is victorious over his opposing soul.
The photo shoot, more pics and about the caption inside…______This week I went for a stroll along the Hudson River in NYC. A late night summer’s sunset with mild cloud cover made for a spectacular photo shoot. Notice the yacht in this week’s photo (above). It’s located in the middle 1/3, right hand side. Here it is below:YachtA yacht docked on the Hudson in Manhattan, NYC.
Reflection YachtOpposite side of the yacht. You are looking at a reflection of New Jersey!
Behind the caption:The caption is derived from “Basi Legani”, the last Chassidic discourse delivered by Rabbi Yosef […]

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