A Handful of Blessings

A sandbox in suburban Maryland:
A Handful of BlessingsI shall surely bless you and increase your offspringlike the stars of the heavens and like the sand on the seashore.The Angel of G-d to Abraham (Genesis)
Wishing you a spectacular Shabbos, Michoel, Sarah and The Oneinfocus Team.

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Dancing in the Air

This week’s photo is brought to you by our friend – Gutman Locks in Jerusalem, Israel:
Dancing in the AirAn agaddic Midrash teaches that when Sarah gave birth to Yitzchak: Many infertile women were remembered and conceived with her. Many sick people were cured on that day. Many prayers were answered along with hers.
And there was much cheerfulness in the world.
More on Gutman a.k.a Gil after the break…
Gil is no stranger to Oneinfocus – a friend, fan and featured guest author in April 2010.
Gil is a special man and the famed author of, “Coming Back to Earth: The Central Park Guru Becomes An Old City Jew.”
The description of his book on Amazon reads, “Follow Gil around the globe, as he makes his amazing spiritual journey from corporate America to the depths of South India to the holy city of Jerusalem. Join him as he transforms himself from a successful businessman into a […]

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Be Fruitful And Multiply!

An iPhone photo taken at Etsy HQ’s in Brooklyn, NY.
Buy PhotoBe Fruitful And Multiply!Another mouth to feed will not overburden G-d.So relax, be fruitful and multiply!After the jump: another photo and our NEW logo!______The Photo:This week I was fortunate to attend a Social Media gathering at Etsy HQ’s in NYC. We schmoozed about online community management, social media, arts, crafts and of course – photography!The photo was taken in the Etsy kitchen. Almost all the furniture and decorations at Etsy are bought from Etsy sellers! Below is the original photo:
IMG_0843_3Kitchen table at Etsy HQ’s.
New Oneinfocus Logo:After week’s of hard work we are excited to exhibit the Oneinfocus logo.
Kudos to animation and design whiz Sruli Broocker, (Pittsburgh, PA) for the outstanding work! You can find him chirping on Twitter right here!A few words on the burst of […]

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A 2 yr-old Takes a Photo for Meaningful Monday

On a recent vacation to Jamaica, the Morris family of Manhattan NY, let their son Liam ‘play’ behind the camera. Liam, age 2 and a half took this wonderful photo and submitted it to Meaningful Monday at Oneinfocus.Looks like Liam took ‘playing’ very seriously and seems to be an aspiring photographer! Thank you Liam for the photo!
A 2.5yr-old Takes a Photo for Meaningful Monday“In the beginning of G-d’s creating the heaven and the earth…”(Bereishis/Genesis 1:1)
Liam used his mother’s camera to take the photo. A Nikon Coolpix S220, pictured below:Nikon Coolpix S220Nikon Coolpix S220
How could we avoid sharing a photo of the budding photographer?Liam MorrisLiam Morris – age 2.5yrsStar PhotographerThe inspirational caption:The verse is a direct quote from this week’s parshah – Bereishis, which is the first parshah in the first book of the Torah. The […]

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Life Tastes Good

Rain and a tight schedule forced me to be creative and shoot this week’s Shabbos email photo at Oneinfocus HQ’s.
Life Tastes GoodLife Tastes Good.By inspiring his guests to make a blessing on food and beverage,Abraham taught others to recognize the Creator in all things.
Photo technique: Unlike most other photo shoots, I visualized the setup and end product before beginning.Strobist InfoStrobist and Camera Setup

Coca-Cola can placed on a mirror.
Black cardboard behind the can.
Black cardboard on the right wall.
Flash on the left side.
The flash was fired wirelessly via infrared.

The flash was set to create a very narrow beam of light to illuminate only the wording, ‘Coca-Cola’ on the can. After a couple shots I noticed the light was bouncing off the right wall and also lighting the opposite side of the can.To overcome this, for $1.50 I purchased a second black […]

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